Adding Accelerated Reader tags

Open the following programs on your computer:
Workflows, Word template of AR labels, Quizlist (see link below)

manage quizzes
reading practice

**Renaissance Place times out, so Beverly looks up as many books at one time as she has time for to see if they are AR books and pencils in the reading level and points inside the back or front cover along with LG, MG or UG.
Then when she has 30 books, she goes on to the next step. (There are 30 labels per sheet.)

1) In Workflows, choose Modify Title and then scan the item barcode.
2) Click on the Bibliographic tab (or reset Bibliographic view as default).
3) Look for the 526 field. If the 526 field is there, look it over to make sure it is in the correct format, make any changes necessary.
4) If 526 is not there:
  • a. create a space in the record for the Accelerated Reader information by clicking on the tag number above where 526 should be; and from the top of the window, click on the icon for "add a field after the current one" OR right click and add a field.
  • Type 526 in the first field, tab 0 tab
  • Type Accelerated Reader AR|b|c|d
  • Use the copy/paste function (Ctrl C, Ctrl V to add this in subsequent records.)
  • Enter the grade designation next to |b
  • Enter the reading level next to |c
  • Enter the point value next to |d
  • Do not punctuate after the entry.
  • Save the entry.

5) Create a label to place in the book.

  • Use Avery 5160 labels, the template already has the school name and the place to type in the level and points. Do NOT use "enter" or it will change placement...just use the mouse to select where you need to type.
  • Under AR Points: type the title of the book.
  • for elementary place the label in the upper right inside the BACK cover
  • for middle school place the label in the upper right FRONT first page or title page

Example of AR Label:
Keystone Middle School
AR Level: 5.3
AR Points: 16.0
Hunger Games

6) Any time you modify a record, you need to add our "signature" to the 040 field. Click in the field and add |dOLgKLS. If there is no 040 tag, add it and omit the |d when you type in our "signature."