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Every period, every pipe, every character changes something in someone else's work and represents someone else's time . . . do not proceed without caution and patience.
General Rules:
  • Cataloging can't be learned in a day.
  • Dewey is not a perfect system; not all books fit neatly into 1 number
  • Some books can legitimately be catalogued in several numbers; choose the one most appropriate to the curriculum and the conditions in your building
  • Always put a book in a number where it will get maximum usage; move excellent books if they don't seem to be used
  • Bend the rules to suit local needs -- but have consensus throughout the district or don't do it.
  • Catalogue biographies into subject areas. ie. a biography of Tiger Woods should be in golf, not biography
  • Begin by estimating the Dewey number. Then check the Dewey index. Never assign a number without looking up the actual number in the schedules. If you are truly stuck, check the online catalogue at a Dewey catalogued public library like the Elyria Public Library or the Medina County District Library.

Sears Subject Headings - Be Consistent
  • Use standard subject headings.
  • Check our online catalogue for previously used headings and be consistent
  • Think like a student: what subject heading would a student use? ie. COOKERY may be the official term but students would look under RECIPES, FOOD, COOKING. AUTOMOBILES is the official heading, but students would look under CARS
  • Be generous with the use of subject headings
  • Think curriculum. If we know that students always do a paper on biographies of Canadians, then we should always use CANADA-BIOGRAPHY as a subject heading when appropriate. If LOCAL HISTORY is a really important part of your collection, then use that as a heading. Any sub-title can be used as a subject within the rules of Sears

Keystone Local School District - Cataloging Guidelines

These guidelines are meant to meet our goal of consistency throughout the District. Working together to catalog correctly allows everyone to benefit from a highly functioning online Catalog. Below are guides to areas we feel need more detail than is available online, or have elements contained that are specific to our District.

Cataloging Help from Lori Slingerland, Support Specialist @ North Coast


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